Saturday, March 24, 2007
I just realized, after reading some testimonials and comments, that he's courting a lot of girls at the time. I never knew he'd be that aggressive. When I knew him, i thought he was just all into "something" so he never really minds other stuff especially girls but turns out, he was all over them. Hmmmm.. i never knew him pretty well. I just thought i did. Then, after my discovery, I realized something, too, that made my good impression of him decrease more and more. But hey, judging is bad and i've learned my lesson from it. So i'll let it be.. Let it be. Life has its own way of getting even. Waiting will be my duty for now and i'll make sure my patience is worth it.

nyahaha. i sound so mean. i'm not. i'm not. =]
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
That's it. I'm done. I'm so tired of this... this stupid attitude of mine.
I am tired of waiting. I am so tired of crying. My tears are never ending just because of stupid persons. Persons that are so insensitive that don't even bother to understand how I feel if they do this and that. Yes, its also my fault why I believed them but they were just so good pretenders; you wouldn't know if they were the real thing or just good-to-be-true imitations. I feel like an idiot expecting them to feel how I feel, that they were the ones who I have been waiting for. ha! How could I be so stupid..
Love is causing me so much pain; excruciating, burning pain. It trapped me into this hollow world. A world where the consequence of every move is a teardrop. Yes, droplets of water from the eyes are my prizes for every decision I make whether it be good or bad. I didn't know such a world exists but "these people" introduced me to it and never taught me how to escape. Maybe they thought I can do it on my own but I guess I can't. Its just too hard. I need help. But the irony of life rises. The people I thought could help are the people who brought me into this chaotic isolation. I think i'm alone but i'm not. There are persons around me but not to help. No, no. but to make me suffer even more. But still, there are good ones. Unfortunately, they would't be able to do anything without I helping myself. As this loop goes, I can't help myself again because again, i need someone. ahhhhhh! i can't even understand myself already. Point is: I should learn how to help myself before asking help from other people.
I admit i'm an imbecile sometimes, very. I keep on saying i'll stop but I defy my own promises and I can't control it. I know I have to and I'm really trying but then again, I realize that maybe it will return and i'll enjoy what i had before. I'm too feebleminded. I can't take it. This has got to stop..
Sooner or later.. it will. I'll get over it. I do believe. I do. I do.
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Monday, March 19, 2007
no class!!! yeah!! woohoo..

summertime-aaa-aaa of our lives. our lives. c'mon!

yehei. its summer na! my birthday is coming up! another year older.. haaai.
Well, this summer, I wouldn't be able to go to Negros because I have no company. My mom already stayed there for 3 weeks this month, my dad has work and my sister got class. I guess I'll just stay here in Mindanao for this break and i'm gonna attend the sports clinic in school. i wanna be like sharapova, the world's # 1 and endorser of Nike. ahaha!

This summer, i'm so gonna miss my friends!!! huhu. i miss them already. We weren't able to have an outing in Rock spring or in Mapawa. Instead, the whole class went to Mcdonalds and after, some went to Netopia while others went home. Ma'am Alice changed our blog background to Mcdo! haha. so cute...

Last week, the last week for school year 2006-07 was very memorable! especially Thursday.. Last thursday, 18 students from pongracz watched "Its a boy/girl thing".. hehe. Then we went to Quantum and then to Cyberia and I saw someone and I went home and someone texted and........ secret. close friends only. haha!
Friday and Saturday night, I talked on the phone with Paul for hours. hehe. weeee. [missyu]..

I know that everything I do, I must enjoy and not regret. I did it and there's nothing I can do to change it..
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Sunday, March 4, 2007
I'm in Bukidnon. weee...
I'm home. I was suppose to sleep in Malaybalay with Raia, Glenda and ate Rhizza but their minds changed and we went home na lang... T-ann was there!!! with lawrence.. haaaaaaaai naku. Anyways, I had fun. We ate a lot.. haha. The whole day, I was with Raia, Glenda, ate Rhizza, Gwetchen, Leo, Gideon.. yehei! i missed them so much.. i'm gonna see them again after exams because i'll go to ffca. im scared. haha.I bought a bag worth P65 and it's really cute. The three of us bought one.. I wanted to buy the gold/cream bag but I already bought the pink one in another stall.
Hmmm.. there were horses and I wanted to ride one!! But the smell was just awful.. eeeeeehh. I didn't see persons I wanted to see but it's okay.. there's always the summer time and its next next week na!!! aaaah!!! i'm so excited..


This summer, i dunno where i'll be. I want to go to Negros!!! huhu. But my mom is already there and I can't go alone..
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