Thursday, January 18, 2007
it's funny how teenagers seem to think they're experts in love but the truth is, they just define love the way they want it. When I hear myself giving advices about relationships, I realize mine didn't go well either. I love watching movies & korean novelas, reading books with beautiful love stories. Then for a second, my green-eyed self comes to life. When I fall in love, I always believe that it will be forever but sadly, it can't even last a year. I seem to get the wrong guys. Every after a broken relationship, I promise myself that I won't fall that deeply again. Unfortunately, this person in me cant't keep the promise. I try my best to avoid love at this time. Maybe those things happened to me because it's not yet the right time. I can't wait for that time. Unfortunately, i was that impatient. After all that, I finally realized that I had enough. I have to let my heart rest, just like someone said. I always think of love, relationships and anything connected with it then it struck me. I'm still young so why do I have to worry about those things? Many things can still happen. maybe one day, Champ, Chris Tiu or Prince Gian will realize that they love me. haha! how i wish.
Well, it's just me and my friends for now. being single has lots of benefits. I can do whatever I want without asking permission and I can be with anyone. Serious relationships are overrated for me right now. They are for mature people and I am clearly not one of them. I'm childish, I know.. well, it's relieving to think that my problems are lessened. My only focus is my studies. It's kinda hard na kasi. My Algebra card grade is so embarassing and to think that I won math contests before. nakakahiya!


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