Tuesday, May 15, 2007
No, not the place. Venice is also my horse's name. My dad bought her last Wednesday and since I don't know her real birthday, i declare that it's gonna be the day I met her. what day was that? Uh, May 9, 2007.. She's also pregnant. My dad said, for a month, "maybe."

I always wanted a horse. I wanna ride in it during afternoons and have fun with it. The smile never left my face when my dad told me he bought it already. When I wake up in the morning, I directly go outside to see if my dad already fetched her. [She doesn't sleep in our house because she doesn't have a stable yet so maybe she'll get caught in the rain.] Late afternoons at about 5:30, I return her to the place where she sleeps. I like taking care of her. I even get bruises from getting the tall grasses for her food. I'm not complaining, though. It was what I wanted so I better stick with it. Also, Venice is not hard to take care of. Except for the mountain-like poopoo. haha. She's also very sweet. When I hug her, she leans her shoulder in my head. weeeeeee...
I tended to her more that I did to Lexie, my dog. hihi. Oh, Lexie's pups are getting bigger. They're adorable. They just turned a month old yesterday and they're already walking. So so cute...
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Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Even following what i want gives me troubles. What am i supposed to do then? Follow what they want andforever keep my aches inside? Obedience was my thing when i was small but as you grow, there will always be something you want that you're not allowed to have. So, you break a little rule. You rebel without even knowingthat you are. which means you didn't intend to... Okay, enough of that speech. Anyways, i'm sad. Deep inside,my heart and mind are crying. Telling me that i had enough. Even though i know that there will be more to comeand what's bad is, i can't even do anything about it. You [reader] may not understand what you're reading right now but i just can't organize my thoughts at the moment. I dont even know what words to use. All i knowis that im aching. She overdid it this time. I can't stop crying and i have no one to talk to that's why im putting these all in words. what to do?? what to do?? im oberly confused.

runaway? hmmm.. quite an option but i got no place to go.
Ignore all these? could be. but i'll burst.
rebel all the way? im scared.

As i can see, i got no other choice. I have to keep up with it. But i cant!!! i can try. but i cant!!! This effin situation is making me feel dizzy. It totally sucks. help anyone? i beg of you.

im sad.
i really am.
and im not on drama this time.
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