Saturday, December 9, 2006
December 4-8, a school week. a bad one. I can only remember one good thing that happened to me. 2 guys destroyed those days for me.. salamat ha?!!!!!
Guy 1 gave me a crying night last Tuesday and he didn't even care that he did. He makes me feel like a stranger to him. He doesn't care if what he says/does hurts me. gggrrr.. stupid. He said he won't hurt me but he did. He was supposed to be my bestfriend, dba *****?! I won't text him first anymore.. I won't invite him to any movie or whatever. I'm mad, upset and he is soo gonna regret he made me feel this way..
Guy 2.. hmmm.. we used to be close, too. i thought we had something special. but like i said, i thought. he wasn't different from all the rest. he just said he was. but that happened months ago.. 1st quarter pa tu. He made a come-back. haha. All i can say is, he's very inconsiderate. Of all the girls in school, he asked MY classmate to the prom. hello?! didn't you know classmates kami?! When i knew that you are her partner, i was sooo shocked. It destroyed my day. But fine, i will & can accept that.. bleeh. my partner's more handsome than you anyways.
About the prom...
3 guys invited me to the prom (which will be on Feb 17 at Grand Caprice hotel. eewwiii... i hoped it was in Xavier Estates.) but i didn't say yes to any of them. Not that i didn't like them..
I'm just not comfortable. Well, anyways, our moderator told us that the deadline for the submission of the partners will be this coming Monday (december 11).. i was nervous because i still didn't have a partner. I invited casey but ehem.. long story. Next stop, fyke. but he won't because he said "ako ra masagol".. Next, keith. haay.. He can't 'cause the prom will be held late at night.. duh? have you ever heard of a prom that happened in the morning? hmph. Fortunately, this week, i met a new friend. His name is Paul but i call him "chael".. His real name has a "michael" on it so 'yun. hehe. He texted me so we became textmates and friends.. Then he invited me to the prom and i said yes. poof! i have a partner... Yehei.. happy me...
Yesterday, we went to Rhey's house to record for our noli. It was so much fun. We were suppose to meet at Xavier main, 9 o'clock. I arrived there 9:45.. hehe. But our group leader, arrived at 11.. see? even the leader was late. haha. While waiting, me, marie & camille went to cyberia.. i saw g***.. unexpected. why do i have to see him?! oh, we saw emman, too.. it was his birthday.. (emman!!! libre!!!)... but me and marie surfed for about 10 minutes only 'cause our groupmates texted us that Kristian arrived na. Then, we went to Rhey's house. When we arrived, Giselle felt so at home. she quickly removed her sandals and put her feet on the sofa. the whole day was a big laugh/food trip.. i was with Giselle, Mides, Marie, Cloty, Kristian and Rhey.. lingaw to the highest level!..

happiness... rare but beautiful. ΓΌ
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