Friday, June 29, 2007
The third week of school just finished. They were very busy weeks and its just the first month of this school year. I guess I have to expect more for the rest of the year. By the way, i've been doing my assignments by myself "at home." haha. Im improving. wakiki. Some subjects are hard to understand at first but most of my teachers are good ones so its not that hard. This year, I joined PAGASA. I hope I get accepted. I wanna write and write and write. This will be my outlet for all my feelings. I don't wanna spill everything to a person because I have a thing with 100% trust. Bad experience. tsk tsk.
My classmates are not bad at all. Not what I expected. Most of them are easy to get along with. Most of them only. Not all. There are still some which uh, something I can't say to the public.

There's nothing much to say about school yet.
I'll keep this updated.

i like Bro. Jody.. He teaches us greetings in different languages. hehe.
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