Tuesday, August 21, 2007
WARNING: "corny"---idiotic---i_know_i_must_get_over_him---im_moving_on.. ΓΌ

i miss and remember:
  • *the time when you went after me under the rain just for me to hug you
  • *the last day of Intramurals when you offered me your "only" shirt because all of mine were already wet
  • *the weeks and weeks of your daily letters
  • *our exchanging of messages using Leo's calculator
  • *the time you wipe my sweat every after Pe classes
  • *our secret hugs and conversations in the classroom
  • *the names we loved to call each other even though our friends thought they were corny
  • *the times I sat on your lap
  • *when you made me laugh by holding the butt of my stufftoy
  • *the time when I slept on your lap
  • *the jacket/sweater you lend me that looked like a dress to me
  • *when we had our family day and we went to the big rock and hugged each other
  • *the time you requested a classmate to make me go to our classroom and when I came in, you gave me a bouquet, hugged me and said those three words that meant so much
  • *the time we were in Karen's house and you held my hand
  • *during our Family day, when you introduced me to your parents and I introduced you to mine
  • *when we played Dog vs Cat in our computer class and I always win
  • *the time we watched a movie during a weeknight; you picked me up at 7:30 pm and we left the movie house at 10:00.. My sister was mad when I came home but it was worth it
  • *the time we agreed to meet but we were both busy. we were mad at each other but ended up sweeter than ever
  • *the time we attended the 8:00 am mass at Xavier Chapel and we wore "very" formal attired. you with the polo and me with the skirt and doll shoes. haha!
  • *the dinners at Mcdo
  • *the basketball game you were in. Your mom and I were there.. and that night you told me that you were happy because the 2 most important women in your life were there
  • *the day we met at Netopia and went to your apartment to study but ended up reminiscing and laughing about our 2nd year life
  • *the time I almost fell out of Karen's car and you held and saved me (you're my hero)
  • *that day in January when we exchanged late Christmas gifts
  • *the time I made your friendster account
  • *the time we watched Harry Potter 4; I said that the girl in the movie was pretty and you said "lagi, gwapa gyud" while looking at me
  • *the time my parents and I walked past Domain and we saw you there then I asked permission if I can go to you and I did just because I wanted to hold your hand
  • *the times you scolded me when I wore miniskirts or racerback and spaghetti tops
  • *the poem you made for me
  • *the times I sat on my chair writing poems and you're at my back, trying to hug me
  • *the lunchbreaks that you never let me clean because you don't want me to get tired
  • *the soccer games in PE when I am the goalkeeper and you volunteer yourself as the last man so you could protect me
  • *the time that I told you I wanna runa round the Acacia tree and we played tag
  • *the water you gave just for me while I was crying during our open forum in class
  • *when you told me you were scared at Mommy Phebe; I let you talk and you became friends since then
  • *the time the Ezekiel barkada watched a movie in gai and you told me I was too brave because I never got scared
  • *the bus ride we took going to Glenda's house and we held hands until I left
  • *the times that I taught you how to speak Ilonggo
  • *the kiss on the cheek I gave you on the 8th of Novemeber 2006 when i left the taxi
  • *our laughters and tears everytime something happened

and lastly, the time it all ended. saddest part is, it ended with a lie..

Isn't it weird how strangers become friends then lovers and back to being practically strangers again.. :c

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007
I am currently in Netopia (Hayes) and I want to go home BADLY. or should i say i NEED to.. I have tons of things to do.
  • Fix the messiest (is there such a word?) room in Cagayan which is, unfortunately, ours...
  • Finalize the order of the characters for our play...
  • Make my Economics project..
  • Make my Physics assignment.
  • Eat.
  • Read.
  • Make our Ch take home long quiz..
  • Memorize the piece for our sabayang pagbigkas.
  • Memorize my speech.
  • Decorate my mask.

Whatta??? I need my superwoman-self. But she haven't returned yet. Tsk tsk..

I really really need to go home but the very strong rain doesn't want me to. But i really really have to!!!!

Im running home. never mind the rain. Its okay to get wet once in a while.. Adieu for now.

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