Saturday, October 20, 2007
Feeling suicidal can be stupid but scary. Really. Suicide is a form of cowardness and selfishness.. I can't understand why people have to do it. Yeah, when you're dead you escape your problems but you add up to others'. You're being unfair and totally self-centered. boo.

i thought of suicide before...stupid, i know. You must know there are always solutions to every problem. They may not come easy but it will come. Just wait. Don't overreact.
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Can a person really change? i mean, really really change? hmmm. it may be possible but it's kinda hard to believe..

I tried to change and little by little, I did. But not completely.

This time, the change i'm talking about is not about me. It's about someone special to me. Many people have been telling me that he is not the guy he was before. He is better now.. Is that good news? Yeah, it is but it scares me, too. If i'm the reason why he changed, I don't wanna be the reason if ever he changes back. I don't mind the insults or if they blame me, I just don't want him to get worse [?] because of me. waaaaaaaaaaaah. what did i just say? (o.0)

He's been so sweet, so kind, so good. and i'm starting to really like him.. [waaaaaaah. im dead if he reads this.] Anyway, i'm just not ready for commitment. [ewww. i disgust myself with my words. ] i just hope he can wait..

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007
I just hate this day. hate it. hate it.
This is a very bad day for me... When your past comes back, don't ever believe that he does it because of something special. Don't. Ever.

Can't write anymore...
Too furious.
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