Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Prom is over. *sigh*
I want to have events like it every year.. I like wearing those kinds of gowns and being with [ahem]. haha. Anyways, I enjoyed it but I was kinda having a hard time with my gown. It was really like a balloon. It had a hoola-hoop-like petticoat inside. haha.. When I walk passed the tables, I have to excuse myself and tell them to move their chairs 'cause I can't pass.. aAaaAaaAAahh!! soooo super embarassing but I won an award, though. suPer unExpected.. At first, I thought it wasn't me because the emcee pronounced my name wrOng and then Bea, my seatmate, told me that it was I who was being announced. aHaha..

That night, I was very happy and surprised to see my friends in their formal attires. I was also shocked to see myself in the mirror after having my hair and make up done. In the parlor, I was beside Cloty so my nervousness went down a little. haHa.. and oh, Cloty got nominated for Lady of the Night. yEi! Even if she didn't win, she was definitely very beautiful..

In our dance, Michael and I were having a hard time because of my gown. He almost trip over during our entrance. We just kept laughing while dancing.. Our dance was very unique because we posed for pictures before going back to our chairs.. (pictures are not given yet. gggrr)

The program was very short especially the disco. Paul and I didn't even dance.. huhu. He just danced with other girls.. haaaaaaai naku. discouraging. haaaaai. haaaaai. BUT, I enjoyed dancing with my friends and I got lots of pictures.. I'll post them soon in my friendster or maybe here.

Here's one...

That picture has a story. haha. I waited and waited for Paul to agree to smile for a picture.. He said he doesn't want to look at the camera while taking pictures but with my kulit power, he agreed. I succeeded!! yehei me!!

Look at the previous picture..

notice the smile-less guy there?? hehe. He looks like mickey in both pictures.. my mickey!!! weeee..
Even though it wasn't the greatest ever.. still, it's very special. :]

With you by my side, everything feels alright..

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Monday, February 12, 2007
Its February 12, a monday. This is the start of a very busy week of this month...
Let's see..
Monday- Appreciation day for the teachers in the morning. It was great. At the end, everyone was wishing thet Father Principal would declare a half day but everyone was just disappointed. In the afternoon, we (athletes) went to City Central School to have our interview for us to compete in the triangular meet. Me and Marie didn't attend the afternoon classes because we arrived at school at 4 o'clock. Classes were over. We also practiced for our class dance for the prom. The girls wore their high heels for us to practice.
Tuesday- Hmmm.. i dunno what will happen yet. My plans are just to practice (again) for our class dance until 5 and practice at the sportscenter after.
Wednesday- Valentine's Day!!! weeeeee... i don't have a special someone but i'll be spending that day with my sister. We're gonna eat in a restaurant.. hihi.
Thursday and Friday- Triangular Meet!! We're gonna be playing against CCS and public schools. i dunno what school.. i'm kinda scared because i'm not that good yet. haaaizzz....


My dad bought a Samsung k5 for me! weeeee... its supposed to be a Valentine gift but he bought it yesterday because I really can't wait. i love it. i love it. i love it. Thanks, dad!!!


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Monday, February 5, 2007
Today is my dad's birthday.. February 5.



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Sunday, February 4, 2007
Note: not everyone in here is presently my bestfriends. Some or should I say one of them is not anymore. k? ;] oh, some are just very close friends.

This was taken last year, November, in Blessy's debut. The girl im with is Christee Ann Alcomendras, my bestfriend. T-ann for short. We call each other "chreekai." long story.. We've been through a lot, literally. We had VERY BIG fights and I can't believe we overcame everything. true friendship..priceless. =============>>>>>>>>>>>

Taken during my birthday last year in my grandmother's house. That is Sarah May Cabalcar, still my bestfriend. We've been friends since grade school and I totally miss her. We know almost everything about each other. She is in Negros now while im here in Bukidnon. I visit almost every summer and the one thing I can't forget to do when I go there is to sleep in their house. I feel so at home there. Before, we were 3 with hannah.. i dunno now.

Reynald Keith Natividad.
Also my bestfriend when I was in 1st year until last year. Now? i dunno. The picture was taken in my sister's debut last² year.. Keith and I were very close but something happened and I just can't understand why it did. All I can say is, past is past.

Glenda Galario and Karen Gamolo.
They're my classmates since grade 5 (glenda), grade 6 (karen) until 2nd year.. We were very close.. now, close na lang because I transferred in Cdo but I still keep in touch and I never forget them. I love them so.. and also my other classmates.

My other bestfriends are: (i don't have a picture with them so i just have to put their solo picz)

Paul Michael Pantoja: We're not very close. He's my prom date, actually. I just want him to be my bestie.. hihi. He loves green. =)

Yola Mae Saavedra.
My best yolz.. i miss her so much. Whenever we're together, there is never a silent minute. She is a great best.. love her.

other Names.... (sorry i don't have their picture)

My whole ezekiel class

My pongracz class


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Saturday, February 3, 2007
oh my God.

Some people are really-so-very-to-the-highest-level stupid. They ignore you and by the time you already forget them, they show up. ggggrrr... Also, when you text someone, someone else replies and tells you not to text even if he isn't the one you texted in the first place. duh?!!! haaaaaaai.

Well, it's February. Its the month which they call the "love month." Is it really? Then why is it that only few people I know are inlove? I guess that label doesn't entirely include everyone. For some, it is just a month. For me, it's the month when i'll be wearing a gown(prom) and enjoying cupid's day with my sister. I'm not depressed because I don't have a boifriend. so what? Being with friends and family is also fun. Much fun. If i'm not in a relationship, I won't have heartbreaks and that is so fine. Crying makes you old. haha.

Our prom is fast approaching and im kinda excited because it's the only time I can see my friends and everyone else wear formal attires. It's like a grand ball you thought would just happen for royalties. Dreamy. =)

Another thing happening this month is, i'm going to be confirmed. February 10, Saturday. I've seen pictures of my sister when she was confirmed and it's just like receiving your first Holy Communion. Father Pehn said that if you're already confirmed, you can be married BUT I got no plans. Maybe 10 years from now...

I'm so in to tennis na. I wanna play everyday but I can't because I'm also busy with school work. We got so many projects and we have assignments everyday. Sometimes, the difficult ones must be submitted in the same day. I'm tired. tired. tired. It's okay though because the school year is ending. Summer na!!! I really want go home to Negros and see my relatives and friends there.. I miss them. Then I won't have to worry about school. Everyone is gonna be having a 2-month break. weeeeee...

summer, come fast..

I love the sunset.. but sadness is not the reason.
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