Monday, August 25, 2008
Last August 25, i had the most wonderful time. Larzky and i were together the whole day.. we went to the perya in Ketkai and the one beside school. we tried all kinds of rides and played all kinds of games. He got addicted to one game and got frustrated over it. I wanted to ride the roller coaster badly but he didn't want to, he was scared. haha. we played the "color game." its like gambling and since we're not that good, we didn't stop when we already won. Instead, we continued and lost every 5php coin we had. haha. when we rode the octopus-like ride called "Ramble/Rumble," i laughed the entire time. He was shouting and shouting because he was scared. Haha. i made him promise that we're gonna ride the roller coaster the next time. I wonder how he'll shout then... :D

we were so happy.
Gay. :p

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Everything is confusing. Everything is in my head all at the same time and its driving me insane. Studies, matters of the heart, control, trust. and i think i'm getting a fever just because of confusion and too much stress and especially, lack of sleep. Maybe the rain adds to it, too. haha.

I still have my last midterm exam today and i haven't studied a bit. It's 12:38 noon and i haven't eaten. I'm alone and my head is in pain. Could this day get any worse?

There's too much drama in my life right now and i don't know how to make them all go away. Right now, all i wanna do is to read the books that my sister introduced to me. The Twilight Saga.. I just finished the first book and im desperate to read the 2nd one. There's no available book yet. We only have the 1st, 3rd and 4th books. The story is interesting, sweet and entertaining. I wish my life was as simple as those in the book.. They can face their problems and make them all go away; never afraid of anything.

Right now, I am obsessing over a song. Superhuman by Chris Brown feat Keri Hilson.
Its been playing for the nth time in my phone and times 2 here in this computer as im writing this post. I have nowhere to go. Its still 12:45 and my class is not until 1:25..

I feel so hot and faint.
I wanna go home.
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Sunday, August 3, 2008
I am losing control of my life and of the only things i was supposed to control. I do things and I just don't know when to stop. If I make a mess, i don't know how to fix it anymore. Now, i feel like a black hole; sucking everything around me. The only difference is, i only take in bad things; no good things not even a single tiny bit of goodness. My life is a mess right now and there are only a few who makes it a little better. Nobody could ever fix me as of now.

i'm just a mess.
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