Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Its the last week of April, i think. I've been home for the whole month. A couple of days in Cagayan but it wasn't really that long. I've been bored....still bored, that's why i'm always online and i mean always. This is my second week in playing tennis every morning and guess what? I'm brown, totally. Mom's been getting mad because I don't wanna use sunblock. Reason for that is: its already hot so if I put sunblock, it will add up to the heat and ugh, im already sweating so much. Tennis has been my addiction since I started playing it. Well, what can i say, i love the game.
This summer, I wanna go to a new place. Anywhere will do as long as I haven't been there and a beach is present. I miss the beach. The last time I went was like, a very long time ago. The one here in Cdo is uh, no comment. Bora is much better. haha. My friends in negros are very much missed. *sob*

...im totally speechless.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
My birthday.. was great. I spent it with my family and neighbors. hihi. Children's party was how I and my neighbors and family call it. Balloons, "happy birthday" banner, give aways, Mickey mouse cake, bubbles were present and its really cute. Its been a while since I had that kind of celebration. Even though im 16, I don't feel like I am. Sweet 16.. weeeeee. But what happens when you're 16? Some say that's the time you're ready to really become a lady. woooaaahh.. Not me. I still wanna enjoy being this; not that mature and kinda childish. haha. not fair at all.. but being mature is no fun. Yes, it is good if you are at times because you'll know how to choose decisions and realize mistakes but it also takes fun out of your vocabulary [in my opinion, that is.]
Well, im kinda sad, too. For 5 years here in Bukidnon, my FFCA friends never came to our house for my birthday. That's one of the reasons why I always wanna have my celebration in Negros. My friends unfailingly spend the whole time with me. Last year, they went to my grandma's house not minding the 1 hour + travel time. Then, after eating, we went to Bacolod and had fun in malls, watched a movie and went to Mcdo, talking&&eating the whole afternoon until night. It was the best. Depressingly, that never happened here in Bukidnon. But maybe in Cagayan, it will. I'm gonna have another celebration with Pongracz on the 11th.
Guess what? 2 someones didn't greet me. One of them, im not really expecting to greet but the other, gawd. I mentioned my birthday to him a million times but he didn't EVER. I'm mad at him. gggggrrrr...
Anyways, to sum it all up, it was a great day. My helium-filled balloon is still floating in my room. Its cute. Its purple. weeeeeeee...
pictures will be posted. friendster&&multiply.
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Monday, April 2, 2007
The first day of April. April Fools Day. The day I finished Tsubasa. 7 days to go before I turn 16 and i'm not excited, not even a bit. There's nothing to look forward to. Right now, I am excited for my summer clinic which will begin on March 10 but because my birthday is on the 9th, i'm gonna be absent in the first 1 or 2 days. I'll be having it for a month and I am just happy. Hmmmm... I spent dayssssssss watching Tsubasa Chronicles. Since I didn't know there were 2 seasons, I bought the Season 2 and watched it first. Thanks to kate, I knew that i missed the 1st so i spent hours and hours everyday watching it in youtube. I finally finished!!! woohoo.. It was better than the best. Its the story of a girl (sakura) who lost her memories so Syaoran(childhood friend) and the others traveled in different worlds just to collect Sakura's feathers (memory fragments). Syaoran was inlove with Sakura and he cares for her so much and i really mean so much. He was the perfect guy. He is my ideal guy. He does everything just for Sakura even though sakura can't remember him.

How would it feel to have someone care for you in every little thing you do? someone who feels the same way you do. someone you feel comfortable with and someone you care about, too. It must be really great. I experienced it once but it didn't last that long. Some things just couldn't be that perfect for a long time.

Okay.. enough drama.

advance happy birthday to me!

weeeeeee..... :]


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