Sunday, December 30, 2007
today's the 30th. tomorrow will be new year's eve.. in less than 30 hours, its gonna be a new year! weeee.. im gonna make 2008 something special. Im gonna try new things.. its also a big change since im going to college already. im excited and scared about college. But im not gonna talk about it here in this post. haha!
A new i guess im making a big deal out of this upcoming celebration? why? i dunno. so many things have happened in 2007 that im so looking forward to the things happening in another 365-day period.

This summer, im going home to Negros. weeeeee... im excited. Maybe sarah and our barkada will go to Bora.. its time to celebrate! mag college na.. haha. beach, baby.
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Friday, December 28, 2007

christmas at home.. ΓΌ

on other things..
at home, i ate a lot.. and i mean, a lot. so today, im having my tooth extracted because fillings won't do anymore.. my tooth is totally destroyed. bang. chocolates pa, mikee. dah! i had 4 giant fillings yesterday and a light cure on my molar. the light cure kinda didn't work so i suffered severe toothache last night. my dad removed the light cure and my mom told me that i'll just have to get it extracted. My mom even laughed at me last night.. She said it was good i finally knew how it feels so that i could learn my lesson. hmph. fine. i'll brush my teeth after eating sweets but i wont lessen my sweets intake. nyahaha. i cant live without sweets.. :p

another thing...
my dad won't allow me to go to cdo this week so i have to make our gameboard on my own. grrrrr. how hard is it to let me ride a bus?? aaarrrrgh. i'll be busy because honestly, i dunno how to design the gameboard. i can picture it in my mind but i can't seem to make it real.. its haaaaaaaard. huhu. helpppp.. (o.o)

another, another thing........
i miss everyone. i miss him. im excited to see him. we'll have our exchanging gifts.. i'll give him a ...... i'll just post it here if he already sees it.

[i miss you.. a lot.]
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Friday, December 21, 2007
waaaaaaaa. i'm in sm and im alone. mommi, kareen and daddi went to their outings already. ours (daniel) will be tomorrow so i have no one to stroll around with. Oh, larzky is coming but he's still in carmen. another thing, there's no signal here so i won't know if he's texting me na or wala pa. hahai. im just bored.
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Thursday, December 13, 2007
Believe me when i say i love you because i do. don't mind what others do or say, they don't know what's the truth.. they're just insensitive people who don't know when to stop. Maybe they're insecure or maybe just need attention. They do not know that they do not have the right of butting into our business.

Please promise me that you won't let the things they say get to you. You know that its not true because i told you so. you said you believe me but why can't i see it? i know you can not control your emotions but it will disappear (maybe) if you just remember what i said. will you? pleasE? i love you. i do. please believe me.
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Sunday, December 9, 2007
My Top Ten Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

1. Strawberry
2. Coffee Crumble
3. Vanilla
4. Choco Peanut
5. Oreo
6. Cookies and Cream
7. Mocha
8. Ube (Selecta only)
9. Chocolate Chip Cookies
10. everything except Durian

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